Money •Dick• Power Cuff

Lux + Luca Jewelry Co.

What do we want? MDP. When do we want it? NOW! 



•cut from 16g Metal 

•available In copper, nugold (brass), nickle silver or sterling 

• 5.5” (Petite)

•6.0” standard 


 **** BRASS, COPPER AND NICKEL ARE BASE METALS AND WILL TURN SENSITIVE SKIN GREEN. THESE METALS WILL ALSO TARNISH OVER TIME (that’s why they’re $35-$38). Tarnish is NOT permanent and can easily be wiped away.

. YOU MUST USE THE POLISHING PAD INCLUDED YOUR PACKAGE AND READ THE CARE INSTRUCTIONS. If you are unsure about your skin sensitivity or don’t want to deal with maintaining your cuff, please choose sterling silver or gold fill. These higher quality and more expensive metals will not turn you green and are safe in water. You MUST polish sterling silver.



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Type: Bracelets

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